Road Trip 2008 - Day Ten: El Reno, Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois

Well, this was undoubtedly the least enjoyable day of the trip with nothing to look forward to other than a full day of driving, headed into increasingly heavy traffic. We spent a total of 13 hours driving, covering a distance of 832 miles. Alot of that was spent navigating the roads and horrifically bad drivers of the state of Missouri. I've heard that Missouri is the "Show Me" state, but I confess I was yelling "Blow Me!" at the many aloof and unaware drivers I had to deal with. There must be something in the water there which numbs the mind.

Anyway, we gradually made our way up toward Chicago and soon saw the Sears Tower jutting up in the distance. Home at last!

This turned out to be a wonderful trip. Edie was an excellent co-pilot and a comfortable fellow traveler to be with. What a great trip!


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