Roadtrip 2008 - Day One: Chicago, IL to Grand Island, NE

We left Chicago at 9 a.m., taking I-55 to I-80 and from there due East for the entire day. I've driven this stretch of road a number of times in prior years on drives to California, and it indeed lives up to its reputation for beings a very boring, flat and virtually scenery-less drive. Vast stretches of flat farmland followed by... more vast stretches of flat farmland.

The drive took us through Des Moines, Iowa, and Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska, our excursions into which were limited to an Arby's restaurant and a couple gas stations were we refueled and replenished our supply of Red Bull.

After 10 hours of driving and a distance of 640 miles, we arrived in Grand Island, Nebraska (100 miles West of Lincoln, NE) where we spent the night in a rather monstrously sized Howard Johnson's replete with the classic indoor swimming pools and a large banquet hall in which a very loud, alcohol-fueled wedding reception was in its final throes.

For some reason, the setting struck Edie and I as rather odd. I'm not sure if this was due to having suddenly found ourselves in a very rural setting or our curious on-looking at the weary, inebriated wedding celebrants as they made their way out from the reception to the parking lot filled with pick-up trucks. In any event, we were glad to have arrived after a full day of nothing but driving.

Highlights of Day One:

- Arby's
- Watching an assortment of Grand Island folk leave the Ho Jo wedding reception

Onward to Day Two: Grand Island Nebraska to Estes Park, Colorado

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