Voracious Max

My intent was to show you how verbose (albeit unintelligible) Max is. His peak time of dialogue has generally been while I sit with him during his meals. So I decided to video today's meal in the hope of capturing this. I failed. Instead, you now (and I) can witness the volume of food my son packs into his face when he wishes/needs. This was taken 10/11/2011

Voracious Max from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Max and the Botonical Garden's Model Train Village

Grandpa and Grandma from California are visiting this weekend so we headed out to Chicago Botanical Gardens to see their Model Train Village. Max had a blast (until it was time to go...). This was taken 10/8/2011.

Max and the Botonical Garden's Model Train Village from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Max and his Train Set

Max is trying out a train set of his own. He finds himself somewhere between a nimble-fingered engineer and a destruction prone Godzilla. He has also apparently learned far too quickly that Dad will remedy any incidence of train misalignment. This was taken 8/7/2011.

Max and his Train Set from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

We were up at Green Bay this weekend, where we stopped by Bay Beach Amusement Park. We all rode the kiddie train, which Max found both terrifying and riveting. Here's a chronicle of his reaction. This was taken 6/5/2011.

Max's First Ride on the Train at the Amusement Park from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Memorial Day Max

We spent Memorial Day afternoon over at Grandma and Grandpa's where Max had a blast in the pool. The weather was great with 90 degree temps and some cool breezes. This was taken 5/30/2011.

Memorial Day Max from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Playtime Max

Max loves his trucks and cars.

Playtime Max from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Watermelon Max

We had to cancel our trip out to California due to Max's fever and sore throat. He discovered how much he likes cold watermelon (for his throat no doubt) and here munches a massive quantity. This was taken 5/15/2011.

Watermelon Max from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Max navigates the (sofa) Alps

Max is getting pretty good at navigating the furniture. (BTW: This video was taken with a Motorola Xoom Tablet.) This was taken 4/26/2011.

Max navigates the (sofa) Alps from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Playful Max

Max's mom is away this week, presenting her valuable skills at a conference in Las Vegas. So Dad is the sole car-collision-partner for Max. (This video was taken with my iPhone -- Sorry for the wobble.) Taken 4/12/2011.

Playful Max from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

Max's 1st B-Day Cake

We were looking forward to watching Max eat cake for the first time, and apart from a little frosting in the nose everything went very smoothly. This was undoubtedly the sweetest, most sugary thing he's ever tasted and the look on his face during a couple moments belies that fact.

Bath Time is Fun Time from Scott Foutz on Vimeo.

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